DIY Carport Building

Easy Steps to Build Carports

Build a carport out of woods

All car owners aim to protect their vehicles from any harsh elements and building a garage can be quiet expensive. Fortunately, that’s not the only option you have. You may consider building a carport instead which can still provide ultimate protection to your valuable asset. What’s great about it is you can take this as a DIY  project since it’s not hard to construct. You only need to understand the job, get the required tools and someone to assist with lifting heavy materials. Most importantly, do your research or contact NO1 Carports Brisbane to get the latest regulations to avoid any legal issues in the future. Once you have everything ready then you can commence constructing your dream carport.
Here’s a simple step-by-step guide to building a carport.

Before You Start The Actual Job

• Identify A Spot In Your Property

This is where you’ll erect the carport. Ensure it is not where your utility lines pass to avoid digging them out or cut and disconnect them in the process of building your carport. You shouldn’t put this structure over them either.

• Seek Permission

Since the Australian government considers carports to be structures that you must construct according to the rules and regulations of the National Construction Code. You need to visit your local council’s offices to get a permit before building your carport.  In addition to, the building permit will keep you away from paying unnecessary fines later on or risking your carport’s demolition.

• Ensure You Have All The Necessary Tools Beforehand

The building tools include handsaw, measuring tape, hammer, shovel, g-clamps, string line, angle grinder, ladder, circular saw, carpenter’s square, hammer drill, nail gun, adjustable wrench, spirit level, and rivet gun. Also, remember to put your safety in check to avoid hazards associated with construction. Before you begin this job, wear approved protective gear right for construction in Australia. These include gloves, eye, and ear protection. Don’t worry if you cannot afford to buy all these; you can always hire a day before the scheduled construction day.

• Choose Your Carport’s Design

What are some of the most common carport designs in Australia? And which design best fit your needs? If you can answer these questions, then you’re good to go. Some of these carport designs include dutch gable, hip roof, skillion, and gable.

• DIY Carport Cost

The cost of building a DIY carport varies depending on several things, such as the carport’s design, size, and each city in Australia. Building a single car carport can take up to $4000.
Now that you have an idea of everything required of you before the construction day, you can get to work. Ensure you have all the tools on site for easy and quick access. Building a DIY carport can take up to 2weeks if you have everything ready.

DIY carport cost


Here’s the detailed step-by-step guide 

Step 1. Perimeter setup

  • Start by clearing everything onsite before you set up the carport perimeter.
  • Measure and put visible begs on the four corners of your carport.
  • Recheck measurements to ensure the distance between one peg and the other reflects the one on your carport plan.
  • Now place the hurdles near these pegs according to your carport’s plan. You can then create a rectangular area using the string line from one peg to the next.
  • If your measurements don’t reflect the ones on your carport’s plan, make the adjustments here before moving to the next step.

Step 2. Dig posts holes

Dig the holes on the four corners for the carport posts. Ensure you deal with one hole at a time for perfection and follow the depth and dimensions put on the actual plan.

Step 3. Pour cement on these holes

Mix your cement well, then pour on one hole at a time until you finish pouring in all four holes. Let the cement set for a week before you continue with your construction process.

Step 4. Erect the carport posts

Ensure the cement is ready before doing this. Someone needs to hold it down on the saddle as you level it upright using the spirit level tool. Then drill some holes for the nuts and coach bolts on these posts, insert and tighten. Repeat this step in all the holes.

Step 5. Datum line

This line levels up your carport roof. Use a pencil to put a mark on the post’s height where the roof should be. After that, use a spirit level to mark all four posts on the same height. Finally, cut the posts at the exact roofing mark.

Step 6. Carport beams

Use the ladders to attach beams horizontally on the posts. First, place these beams on the housing cuts. Ensure you secure them using the coach screws.

Step 7. Attach rafters

You need to hammer a nail at the front end of each beam, then put a string line running down to another end to set rain fall on the roof.

Step 8. Gutter and downpipe

Using a gutter clip, attach your carport’s gutter to the back beam. Place it on a run-off level for the rainwater to go downpipe well.

Step 9. Time for the carport roof

Your roofing sheets need to pass across the rafters and stay inside the side beams. Connect your roofing with the correct fasteners according to the construction plan. for a waterproof edge, add cap flashing to the areas where the roof and beam meets.


Building a DIY carport is not only pocket-friendly; it improves the value of your property too. It is simple, especially if you meet all the requirements, and with the above-detailed guide, you can now protect your vehicle against the natural elements.

Have you built your own carport? We’d love to hear from you below.