Top 10 Reasons To Choose Pro Decks Brisbane as your Premium Deck Builder

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Benefits of Using Pro Decks Brisbane

Installing a deck on your home has many benefits. It adds value, curb appeal and provides an additional living space to your home. You can set up tables and chairs on the deck and create an outdoor area to entertain family and friends. If you want to entertain even when it is raining outside, you can put a canopy up over your deck to protect your entertaining area from the elements.

When it come to choosing a material for your deck, you should consider timber as it has many benefits and advantages over other materials.

  • Many finish options: Depending on your taste ,you can choose a variety of finishes. For a natural look, you can use a clear deck oil. For a more dramatic look, you can use your favorite color stain.
  • Low maintenance: Timber decks require very little maintenance. As long as it is finished properly, it is resistant to water. The only maintenance required is sweeping to clean and free of debris. Some timbers do require treatment to protect the wood.
  • Natural insulator: Timber is a natural insulator. This means that if the sun has been beating on the deck all day and you walk on it, you won’t burn your feet.
  • Durability: Timber is a very durable material. Not only will it look fantastic, but it will last for decades.
  • A variety of install options: Timber decks can be installed in many areas around the home. Timber is also great to build a second-floor deck or on sloping blocks.

Once you’ve decided to build a deck, you need to find an experienced deck building company to handle the installation. Below are 10 reasons why yuo shuld choose Pro Decks Brisbane.

10 Reasons To Choose Pro Decks Brisbane

1. We Have Been in the Business For 10 Years

If you want to be sure that your deck will be built perfectly and based on your specifications, you want to work with an experienced company. Pro Decks Brisbane has building decks for over 10 years. With all of the experience, we have under our belts, you can sure that we will create the most beautiful and the sturdiest deck possible.

2. We Are Fully Insured

Building insurance is important for two reasons. When a company is insured, you can be sure that they are serious about what they do. If an aaccident happened during construction, the company’s insurance will cover the damage. When you work with a company who is fully insured, you will have peace of mind that your home is protected in case of any accidents.

3. We Are Licensed Builders

When you choose us you are working with a fully qualified builder. We are also licensed by the Queensland Building and Construction Commission.

4. We Provide Free Quotes

Pricing is important for every family. Ha ving a budget in place before you decide to build is a good idea. Our team can provide an in home consultation to discuss your ideas and look at our previous work. We’ll then compile a no obligation free quote for you to comapre with other builders.

5. We Will Listen to You

There are plenty of building companies that want to build your deck their way. We are different. We’ll will listen to what you want. Then work with you to make sure we build the deck that you want, not the one that we want. We also offer free deck design so you can see what it will look like prior to construction.

6. We Are Reliable and Trustworthy

We pride ourselves on keeping promises and sticking to our word. If we say we will do something, you can bank on it getting done. When we tell you we will be at your home at 4pm, we’ll be there. Unless any unforeseen issues arise, in which case you will be contacted immediately.

7. We Pay Attention to Detail

When you are viewing the final product, you can be sure that it will will be constructed with precision. We pay attention to detail and we never cut corners.

8. We Use Only the Best Products

When we are choosing the materials for your deck, you can be sure that we use only the best products on the market. From the timber to the nails and brackets, you can be sure that you are using only high-quality products.

9. We Provide Excellent Customer Service

We strive to provide excellent customer service. If you don’t believe us, read the testimonials from our former customers. We want every customer to be satisfied with the finished product.

10. We Love Building Decks

Building and construction runs in our blood. It’s what we have a passion for. If you are planning to have a deck built, you are in luck. We absolutely love building timber decks.

We take great pride in every deck we build. We’re licensed builders by the QBCC. Plus we have public liability and builders insurance. If you want to work with a company who is dedicated to customer service, give us call. We service all of South East Queensland including Brisbane CBD, Brisbane Northside, Brisbane Southside, West and East.

This article was published by Justin Brownless.  Contact us on or request a free quote. We look forward to seeing you soon!