Timber Deck Maintenance – Best 10 Tips

Caring For Timber Decking

Timber Deck Maintenance

Whether you realize it or not, your deck will be an integral part of your home. It is a place where family bonds will be strengthened and memories will be created. Wooden decks are amazingly beautiful. However, if not well maintained, your home may look neglected. This may reduce its resale value if you plan to sell off in the future. On the other hand, a well-maintained deck can increase your home’s value.

Why is timber deck maintenance important?

1. For safety
If your timber deck is not well maintained, the timber can rot and become weak. Especially if exposed to the elements of the weather. Caring for the deck will ensure it retains its strength.

2. Keeps your home looking well maintained
One of the greatest benefits of a well-maintained timber deck is that it makes your home look maazing. It really adds to the appeal of your property.

Best 10 Tips

Best Ten Tips For Maintaining Timber

1. Choose the right finish

Sure, this may sound weird but it is always important to ensure that you choose the right finish for your deck. Maintenance begins on the day it is installed. No detail is too small when you want it to look great and be safe for decades. For the most part, the type of finish you choose will depend on your personal preference. However future maintenance and cleaning will vary for each finish chosen. The right finish will last and allow you to properly clean your terrace without worrying that it will wear out. It is, therefore, critical that you learn about the pros and cons of each finish before choosing one to go with. Ask your local deck builder about the best timber and finish to suit your lifestyle.

2. Remove debris

As you begin cleaning, it is always important to pay attention to the parts between the boards. Use a putty knife to remove any debris that may be stuck between the boards. This is especially important during spring when there is a lot or rain. You can make this process easier if you do not want to kneel by pushing the putty knife into a PVC pipe.

3. Place your plants in strategic areas

Having plants on your porch makes it more appealing. There is possibly nothing better than relaxing and enjoying nature outside your own home. While they add aesthetic value to your compound, plants can cause an untold amount of damage. Your planters may sip moisture and soil onto the timber which can hasten rotting. To ensure that your terrace remains strong, ensure that your planters are placed on top of cement boards.

4. Clean regularly

Prevention is better than cure. It is always a good practice to ensure that you sweep regularly; this will prevent the buildup of dust and debris on the surface. General cleaning will be faster and the chances of timber getting stained are reduced.

5. Shovel ice quickly

During the winter season, always ensure that you shovel your deck as soon as you possibly can. When the snow melts, it will create moisture conditions that are not favorable for the timber. This season is usually cold so the moisture will not dry by itself.

6. Professional cleaning and sealing

Every two to three years, it is important that you have your deck cleaned and sealed by a professional. A professional will be able to clean all the areas you were unable to reach by yourself. Professional sealing will usually pay for itself in the long run. A waterproof sealing agent will ensure that moisture from the environment and water from the rain does not sip into the wood thereby preventing damage and increasing its lifespan.

7. Repair as soon as you notice damage

If you are thinking about maintenance, you need to ensure that you replace any worn out timber as soon as you notice damage, this will ensure that the surface stays clean and smooth. If you do not replace damaged wood soon enough, it can spread to other parts of the deck.

8. Prevent weeds

If you have planted grass right in front of your house, it is important to make sure that you leave a small space between the decking and the grass. This will prevent weed from creeping into your porch and destroying the timber decking.

9. Choose an appropriate cleaning detergent

When cleaning your timber deck, you need to ensure that you use a detergent that is mild. This will ensure that your wood does not react with harsh chemicals used in cleaning it.

10. Always keep it dry

It is always important to ensure that your deck is always dry by getting rid of any water or snow as soon as you can.

What should you avoid?

Timber Decks Things to Avoid

1. Avoid cheap nails and screws

To keep your deck looking amazing, you have to avoid using cheap screws. They will color the timber once they come to contact with water.

2. Don’t clean immediately

It is always great to wait until the timber is a few months old before you call a professional to clean and seal. Certain timbers require ageing first.

3. Don’t paint it

Paint does not look great on decks; It will eventually wear out and leave it looking weird.


The deck is an important investment for any home. With proper deck maintenance, it can last for many years and still look as good as new.